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To register as a coach please complete the form below.

The register is open to any coach who wishes to offer their services and applications are considered on an individual basis. We welcome coaches at all stages of their practice, whether you're highly experienced or simply exploring coaching as a newly acquired skill.

Your registration form acts as your coaching profile and potential coachees will use this information when selecting a coach. This is therefore a great opportunity to promote your skills and the more comprehensive your profile the better.

Coaches who join the register must be willing to:

  • Enter into at least one active relationship each year and have the capacity to coach through the register
  • Commit to regular CPD and supervision (which is offered by the Academy)
  • Have an appropriate coaching qualification, and/or coaching experience, or be a coach in training
  • Provide evaluative feedback as part of the coaching or mentoring process and seek feedback from coachees and mentees for on-going CPD purposes
  • Maintain your profile regularly, which includes updating your availability, responding to requests and logging activity

To move between sections, click 'Next' or the required tab. When you have completed all sections, please click 'Submit my application now'.

nb. please do not use your browser's 'Back' and 'Forward' buttons, otherwise you may lose information that you have entered.

About you

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Coach details

Please provide the following details specifically with regard to your eligibility to register as a coach and to your coach profile.

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Why are you interested in joining the SWLA register as a coach? *
Why do you choose to work as a coach? What benefits do you see to coaching as an intervention? *
Please give details of your coaching experience and qualifications to date *
How would you describe the nature and benefits of coaching to a potential client? *
Are there are any particular areas of specialism or expertise you can offer as a coach? (you may wish to include details on your experience such as whether you operate within or outside of the NHS, specialise in director/Exec coaching, coaching through conflict, coaching teams, coaching for confidence, coaching for a new role, coaching to develop leaders etc). *
What radius / areas are you willing to work in? *
I am comfortable with offering coaching via *
Do you coach outside of this register, i.e. through your own organisation or other networks? *
Do you hold a coaching qualification i.e. ILM L5/L7 or equivalent? *
If you have another coaching qualification, please specify:
Are you currently completing a coaching qualification and are therefore in training? *
If you answered no to both of the above have you successfully completed a competency based interview with the SWLA? (If you answer No to this question a member of the team at the Academy will be in touch to discuss and arrange this with you).
Are you a trained coaching supervisor? *
Do you charge to provide coaching services? *
If Yes, please explain your charges in more detail and include any associated expenses a coachee would incur.
Capacity (please ensure this value relates specifically to your coaching capacity within Coaching Hub)
Supporting document
e.g. biography, record of contractual agreement – optional (Word, Excel or PDF files accepted)

Coachee details

If you do not wish to register as a coachee, please click 'Next'.

Diversity & Inclusion

The following questions are for D&I monitoring purposes only, and the information provided will not be made available to other users:

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Gender identity. Which of the following options best describes how you think of yourself?  *
Is your gender identity the same as the gender you were given at birth? *
Your age group *
How would you describe your ethnic origin? *
Your religion or belief *
Which of the following options best describes how you think of yourself? *
Do you consider yourself to be a disabled person as defined by the Equality Act 2010*
If you consider yourself to be a disabled person, and would like to, please indicate the nature of your disability (tick as many as are applicable)
Other disability - please specify

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