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To register as a coachee please complete the form below.

The register is open to anyone who works within the health and social care service and enables coachees to seek a coach based on their individual needs and requirements. Our coaching pool is very diverse, with many of our coaches choosing to dedicate their time to coaching in addition to their existing roles.

People who are interested in exploring possibilities and setting goals may find coaching can help to:

  • Prepare for a new role or develop in an existing one
  • Develop leadership capability
  • Work through times of change or uncertainty
  • Develop self-confidence and the ability to better self-serve

When registering as a coachee it may help to know that:

  • A coachee is responsible for making a request to the coach for coaching and you'll be able to do this once your application is accepted onto the system.
  • Our coaches offer a broad range of skills, experience and knowledge and may specialise in particular types of coaching. We would encourage you to read through coaching profiles carefully before making a request.

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Diversity & Inclusion

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